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Featured battle : Port Republic

Part of American Civil War

Date : 09 June 1862

Having won the race to the bridge over the Shenandoah at Port Republic, Jackson left Ewell's division at Cross Keys to delay Frémont's pursuing divisions while he engaged Shields attacking from the north east. Shields' men fought well and tenaciously against psychologically as well as numerically superior troops, and although numbers told in the end, Jackson's 'foot cavalry' were too exhausted to turn round and do the same to Frémont's. They took the sensible option and withdrew through the Blue Ridge. Jackson's Valley campaign remains a text-book example of using local knowledge, terrain and mobility as well as bold action, to occupy a much larger number of enemy troops. Jackson's 17,000 had kept 60,000 Union soldiers busy and disrupted Union strategy severely for that summer.

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The Grand Turk

The Grand Turk

The Grand Turk - a reproduction of a late 18th century sloop-of-war used in the 'Hornblower' Television series.

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Gurkha Odyssey

Peter Duffell
An odyssey is a long eventful journey and an appropriate title for this book. The story is of the author’s journey with and in the Gurkha ‘family’. The manner of its telling, in the main, is like a dinner party conversation with an excellent raconteur. In the telling not only do we see the Gurkhas but we see the author. Peter Duffell is a fighting man both with his men in the jungles of Borneo and for his men in the corridors of Whitehall. The period covered is from the early 1960s to 2018 with some coverage of early history. The unit focused on is the 2nd Gurkhas and therefore sadly does not include the Gurkha contribution to the Falklands war [7th Gurkhas].
The book is well illustrated with a dozen pages of colour plates and some super Ken Howard drawings. Nine maps, all with scales, help in the telling of the journey. There is more to Gurkha history than told here and this book is a taster which will leave you wanting to find out more.
Gurkha Odyssey is a most enjoyable cover to cover read which we highly recommend.

Pen & Sword Military, 2019

Reviewed : 2019-11-07 13:56:22