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Featured battle : Edgecote

Part of War of the Roses

Date : 26 July 1469

A Yorkist force under the Earl of Pembroke and his brother were intercepted by a much larger Lancastrian force while on their way to link up with the king's army. They held a defensible position but were drawn out of it partly by the treachery of Sir Geoffery Gate and the king's vanguard, who switched allegiance to the Lancastrians. A great many Yorkists were killed, 4,000 is the figure usually given. Pembroke and his brother were executed and King Edward became Warwick's prisoner.

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Roman Cornicen and Legionary

Roman Cornicen and Legionary

The "Cornicen" (horn player) carried and played the large curved horn used for signalling in a similar way to the bugle of later armies. As an officer, he wears a more flamboyant uniform including and animal skin headdress. Members of the Ermine Street Guard.

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A Short History of 7th Armoured Division

Captains M. Lindsay, M.E.Johnston & N.B.Harris
There are other books about the 7th Armoured Division but non so genuine. This book was written by two serving officers and the photographs sourced by another. It covers the period from June 1943 until July 1945 and was completed and printed by the British Army of the Rhine before the Division was disbanded. The map cover is extraordinarily good being eleven large separate sheets contained in a folder at the end of the book. The reader can readily refer to the appropriate map while reading the text. This is not just a good book it is a great book due in large part to its authenticity and its insights; it is is not all dry facts but speeds along with the Desert Rats with humour and sorrow as appropriate to the action.
Churchill said, of the story of the Desert Rats, ‘May the fathers long tell the children about this tale.’ One cannot but agreed.

British Army of the Rhine, July 1945

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