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Featured battle : Lincelles

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 18 August 1793

A scrappy engagement in which there was poor coordination between the allies. The Dutch attacked first and drove the French out of the village, a counter attack drove the Dutch out and a British attack finally won the day.

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Battle of the Atlantic Maritime Memorials, Liverpool.

Battle of the Atlantic Maritime Memorials, Liverpool.

A collection of Naval Memorials positioned on the banks of the River Mersey at Georges Dock Pierhead in Liverpool. They commemorate the vital part the city and it's shipping played in the survival of the British during the Second World War. The first is a statue of Captain Frederick John Walker, CB, DSO RN known as Johnnie Walker who commanded both 36th Escort Group (convoy escorts) and the 2nd Support Group (dedicated submarine hunter-killer group) which were based out of Liverpool during WW2. He was the most successful anti-submarine commander of the war and this monument is dedicated both to him and his crews but also to all those who fought the Battle of the Atlantic. He died in 1944 after D Day of exhaustion. The second image is a plaque dedicated to the Netherlands Merchant Navy, The Netherlands Fishing Fleet and the Royal Netherlands Navy who helped keep Britain supplied during the war at the cost of many lives. The final image is of the Merchant Navy Memorial, again commemorating those who gave their lives during the Battle of the Atlantic to keep Britain from starving to death.

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The BEF in France 1939-1940

John Grehan & Martin Mace
A most interesting compilation of some of the despatches sent by the senior Army and Naval commanders involved. Here presented is the raw material, the facts, as they were seen at that time by those people without the benefit of hindsight to enable them to make any adjustments to the narrative. The material covers some of the initial deployment of the BEF and its eventual evacuations from around Dunkirk and Cherbourg. Warmly recommended with the reservation that one needs either a very good knowledge of the geography of northern France or a large scale map to hand.
Pen & Sword Military, 2014

Reviewed : 2014-10-31 20:01:21