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Featured battle : Brice's Crossroads

Part of American Civil War

Date : 10 June 1864

Union Gen Sturgis was sent by Sherman to seek and destroy Forrest's raiders. He took 3,400 cavalry and 2,000 infantry with 12 guns and a long wagon train against Forrest's 3,000 riders. When they attacked, Forrect held them with a thin skirmish line, then sent larger parties to both flanks and a third clear round to the Union rear. Sturgis was routed, sustaining disproportionate casualties and loosing 10 of the guns and the whole wagon train.

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19th Century British Coatee jackets

19th Century British Coatee jackets

A set of Coatees and Infantry officer's hat as used by the 96th Regiment. From left to right they date from 1796-1816, a short-tailed coat from 1812, and 1829-54.

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British Army of the Rhine - The BAOR 1945-1993

Paul Chrystal
Part of the "Cold War 1945-1991" series, this is quite a small book at only 126 pages, to cover such a large subject and I think that's it's biggest issue. It tries to cover too much. There are sections which are interesting and obviously well researched, particularly the chapters on the predecessors and formation of the BAOR, de-nazification & fraternisation and the 'families on the Rhine'. The sources and further reading sections are useful too. However the majority of the period of the BAOR's service is somewhat sparsely covered, and the token section on the RAF and the Royal Navy really should have been left out all together. There is hopefully a much bigger, more comprehensive book somewhere that this is taster for, and I would very much like to read it. The author has a good grasp of the subject and good photographs supplied by his family furnishing welcome detail and authenticity but it has definitely lost something in the edit.
Pen and Sword Military, Barnsley, 2018

Reviewed : 2019-04-29 20:02:17