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Review for The Global Seven Years War

Author : Daniel Baugh

This book is no lightweight with 665 pages of really 'meaty' text and a further 81 pages of supporting notes and index. The content covers, in depth, the full nine years of the Seven Years War. The military, naval and the political aspects with their necessary interactions are well covered. The character, motivation and machinations of the leading figures are described as are the resultant effects. The book is without illustrations but has seventeen supporting maps. The narrative flows easily and logically and pages once started are difficult to put down because always there is something interesting coming next. The vast majority of the text is free from the author's opinions and comments which are reserved for the long final chapter.
A war of four continents and seven oceans in one excellent readable book.

Published by : Routledge, 2014
ISBN : 978-0-582-09239-6

Review last updated : 2017-08-24 07:11:00

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