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Featured battle : Valmaseda

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 05 November 1808

A 'hit and run' attack by the Spanish under Blake to rescue one of his detached division. Two French Corps [Victor's I and Lefebre-Desnouette's IV] were in the vicinity when Blake caught Vilatte's III Division. After the engagement Blake returned into the mountains.

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Shakos from the 96th Regiment

Shakos from the 96th Regiment

A pair of shakos from the 19th Century used by the 96th Rgt which became the Manchesters Regiment. The one on the left is a bell-top shako with cheek-pieces from the period 1834-44. The one on the right is in simple plain blue cloth, 1861.

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Waterloo Battlefield Guide

David Buttery
From the outset this book delivered more than I was expecting. Not only was there a description of the many places relevant to the Waterloo story placed, of course, in their modern setting to make them easy to find; but there was also a narrative of the battle with the troop dispositions and timings as accurate as you will find anywhere else. The maps and illustrations are numerous and good servants to the text. I read the book before my visit to Belgium and, having now used it extensively while there, my advice to the would be visitor is read it before you go and don't go without it. Highly recommended.
Pen & Sword Family Military, 2013

Reviewed : 2015-07-17 19:36:23