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Featured battle : off Dutch Coast

Part of Anglo-Dutch War, Third

Date : 28 May 1673

The English fleet, commanded by Prince Rupert, was patrolling off the Dutch coast. They came upon a Dutch fleet, under Van Tromp, of approximately equal size and to leeward. The English attacked and after a brief engagement the Dutch withdrew to the safety of the sandbanks off their coast.

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Cuirassier-style cavalry Helmets used in the English Civil War.

Cuirassier-style cavalry Helmets used in the English Civil War.

A pair of full-face close helmets worn by cuirassiers during the English Civil War. The helmets would be part of an all-over plate armour similar to the later medieval knights except that the leg armour tended to be fully articulated and ended at the knee to make riding easier. This form of full coverage armour was becoming out-dated by the 1640's due to the increased use of firearms but could make the wearer very difficult to wound in a cavalry melee.

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Waterloo Archive Volume IV: British Sources

Gareth Glover [Ed]
Another superb collection of original material not only from front line troops but also from reserve and support services. See review of Volume VI for an overview of the series.
Frontline Books, Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2012

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