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Featured battle : Guise or St Quentin

Part of First World War

Date : 29 August 1914

Although hotly pursued by the German 2nd Army, the French 5th Army was ordered to turn and hold, while launching a flank attack against the 1st Army to attempt to relieve the pressure on the BEF. For much of the day the Germans pressed the French back until Gen. Franchet d'Esperey's I Corps in reserve launched an expertly organised counter-attack which halted the 2nd Army and stabilised the line, buying valuable breathing space for the Allies.

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The Imperial Camel Corps Monument, London

The Imperial Camel Corps Monument, London

A monument dedicated to a most unusual British brigade formed in Egypt in 1916 which fought in the Palestine Campaign and was only disbanded in 1919. The 4 battalions comprised troops from Britain, Australia and New Zealand and included artillery from Hong Kong and India. The monument is of a soldier on camel-back and has the inscriptions of the names of those who died on plaques on all 4 sides.

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Waterloo 1815 Captain Mercer's Journal

Bob Carruthers
Part of the Military History from Primary Sources Series this slim volume [126 pages] is well illustrated with numerous almost contemporary illustrations. As a child I was told you should rise from eating a meal feeling as if you would like more. This book does just that for it is but a selection from the complete journal. It is a wonderfully balanced choice; the wide variety of subject matter in the complete journal is truly reflected here. If one hasn't read the full journal then this book is an excellent introduction - even an enticer to read more. Well written, well presented and therefore recommended.
Pen & Sword Military, 2012

Reviewed : 2016-02-08 19:23:02