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Featured battle : Java Sea

Part of Second World War

Date : 27 February 1942

Dutch Admiral Doorman took his small, tired squadron of five crusiers (2 heavy, 3 light) and nine destroyers north from Surabaya to attack the Japanese forces approaching Java. He was met by a force under Admiral Takagi with 2 heavy crusiers, 2 light crusiers and 14 destroyers. In a seven hour battle, fought to the end, the ABDA squadron was effectively destroyed. Adm. Doorman went down with his flagship, the RNNS De Ruyter, along with the light crusier Java, and destroyers Kortenaer, HMS Electra and HMS Jupiter, for the cost of one Japanese destroyer. Additionally, the crusier HMS Exeter was crippled and had to retire (to be sunk on 1st March) and the cruisers Houston and Perth attempted to escape, but were spotted and sunk the following day. This left no remaining allied fleet between the Japanese and Australia.

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The 'V' Bombers - Handley Page Victor K2

The 'V' Bombers - Handley Page Victor K2

Actually a re-design from the original B2 bomber of the 1960's, this K2 designed in 1971 is an in-flight refueling tanker and has prolonged the service of this marque into the 1990's. This actual aircraft "Lusty Lindy" preserved at the Yorkshire Air Museum started life as a bomber in 1962 for 139 Sqn. But was converted in 1972 to the tanker version and saw service in the Falklands and the 1st Gulf War.

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British Cruisers. Two World Wars and After

Norman Friedman
Wow! Another book from this author and publisher with the 'wow' factor. Lavishly illustrated with a photograph or line plan on almost every page. The text is packed with technical information, detail, and description of design, construction and application of these important ships. I read it cover to cover finding many nuggets of information on the way. e.g. One particular cruiser fresh out of dock had a range of 12,000nm; the same ship after eight months cruising was 'deep and dirty' had a range of only 8,000nm. This book is a must for every Royal Navy enthusiast and would be of interest to the general reader. This is the kind of reference book where you find what you are looking for and are then temped to go on reading. Highly recommended.
Seaforth publishing. Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2010

Reviewed : 2016-06-28 08:24:21