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Featured battle : San Marcial [1794]

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 31 July 1794 - 01 August 1794

The Spanish in their efforts to prevent the French incursion into Spain established their main position at San Marcial. Pinned by General Frégeville's frontal attack on the 31st the Spanish were then attacked on the 1st by fresh French troops on their flanks. The Spanish, outnumbered and under attack from three sides, beat a hasty retreat abandoning 200 guns.

Featured image :

British Churchill Mk VII Tank

British Churchill Mk VII Tank

The Churchill was designed before the war and early, unreliable versions were rushed into service, proving disastrous. Between 1942 and 46 however they were improved and were used as heavy infantry support tanks in North Africa and Italy, then later in the Northern Europe campaigns. This example from 1944 was armed with the better 75mm gun, rather than the earlier versions sporting a 2 or a 6 pounder gun.

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Featured review :

With Napoleon’s Guard in Russia - The Memoirs of Major Vionnet 1812

Louis Joseph Vionnet. Translated & Edited Jonathan
A book I finished reading wanting more of the same. I suspect desperate hunger, numbing cold and the struggle to keep his troops together caused Major Vionnet to make few notes from which these memoirs were constructed. Jonathan North has written an excellent introduction, especially the Peninsular War background to the regiment, and there is an appropriate selection of maps and illustrations to support the text. He has also used other personal accounts to broaden the perspective and add detail. My one minor complaint is that the many footnotes are gathered at the end of the book. If, like me, you always read footnotes, and these are most helpful, then having them on the relevant page is so much more convenient. This book is about detail having a broad overview of the Russian campaign, while not essential, is most useful. With only a little imagination the reader will gain insights into the hell which engulfed and killed so many of Napoleon’s troops in the retreat from Moscow. And crucially how some of the survivors survived.
Pen & Sword Military. Pen & Sword Books Ltd., 2012

Reviewed : 2013-02-25 00:00:00