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Featured battle : Mons

Part of First World War

Date : 23 August 1914

The BEF, formed to the left of the French Fifth army advanced with them into Belgium where they met the full force of the German First Army near Mons. Sir John French's efficient and professional army (often regarded as the finest Britain ever put into the field) although heavily outnumbered, fought back stoutly, and held the German advance. Although ready to counter-attack the following day, the French withdrawal from the Sambre threatened the British flank so the BEF was forced to fall back.

Featured image :

French 75mm gun and limber

French 75mm gun and limber

This important field gun was introduced in 1897 and was the standard French fieldpiece into the 1930's. It played an important role in the German defeat at Verdun in 1916 and could fire a 7.2kg shell a maximum of 6850 metres.

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Featured review :

The Irish Guards in the Great War

Rudyard Kipling
Not a lot of military history books could be better than the war diaries and personal correspondence of the First battalion of the Irish Guards written up by Rudyard Kipling with style. Although narrowly focused on this relatively small group of men it is essentially about every soldiers war. This is because it gets down to the minutiae of single men, section and platoon actions. The sweep of strategy and the grand plans are for other places. The text is well supported with illustrations and maps.
I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone seeking a full understanding of the Great war.
Spellmount Ltd., 1997

Reviewed : 2017-02-24 12:28:11